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With over twenty years in the industry, Felix Unite Tourism Group is the key to your Southern African destination management needs. The combined synergies within our diversified group deliver the convenience and security of house providers for every possible requirement you may have.


Felix Unite River Adventures

Felix Unite operate River Adventures throughout Southern Africa. Our highly qualified (APA) River guides accompany you on each trip and prepare you five star meals on route. From a leisurely paddle through the Breede River Valley of the Cape to the exhilaration of then Orange River Rapids - we cater for leisure and family groups; schools as well as corporate and conference groups. Operating from our two camps on the Breede River “Round the Bend” and “Up the Creek” and our Orange River base camp “Provenance” we have a variety of packages to suit all. Our Breede River rafting experience, Orange River Canoe Adventure, Cunene River Safari Expedition all offer an opportunity to experience the exhilaration of the great outdoors - in the capable hands of a service focused team, who understand the sensitivity and importance of eco adventures.

T : +27 (0) 21 087 354 0578
F : +27 (0) 21 086 678 8207
E : reservations@felix.co.za



Katunda Logistics

Both Sitewise and Katunda provide integrated production support services in the Unit department. Whereas Sitewise is focused on support on set, Katunda provides similar support services for film shoot base camps large or small, regardless of location. Below is a list of different assets which better illustrates the difference in focus of the two companies

Generators – 70 Kva blimped base camp generators
Generator/Light Towers – 30 Kva blimped generators with telescopic light towers.
Distribution – 32, 16 Amp, 3 or single phase cabling.
Fuel Bouwsers – 3000 litre fuel bouwsers for fleet refueling.
Water tanks – 1000–5000 litre capacity Water pumps – various capacities
Decking – to create elevated walkways between artist trailers. (Helpful in artists keeping out the mud when it rains and gives them a “red carpet” feel). Camouflage nets Bedouin tents
Racking/shelving – for trucks Recovery equipment – to handle up to 20 tons Fridges, heaters,
Fire extinguishers – artist trailers and base camp.

Base camp support – Eezee shades, 3 Kva generators, plumbing, vehicle recovery, Gerry cans, cooler boxes, etc. The combined expertise of Mick Snel, Beatle van Graan, Pierre Buys and Hein van Blerk.

Furthermore, as we are environmentally conscious, we also only use Bio-diesel wherever possible, as our first choice. Conclusion As one can see from the different inventories, although Sitewise and Katunda both perform production support in the Unit role, both are focused on completely different, although integrated support services. Furthermore, both companies are co-located on the same premises which also facilitate better communication and assistance between the two.

T : +27 (0) 21 447 3151
F : +27 (0) 21 086 673 2638
W: www.katundalogistics.co.za
E : katunda@katunda.co.za



Red Hot Events

CHAMELEON INDABAS EVOLVING INTO A RED HOT EVENT COMPANY...... At Chameleon Indabas we believe that change is an essential part of a company’s development. We live in a diverse and dynamic country and in order to sustain innovation, we believe that our company needs to reflect this vibrant landscape. That’s why we have taken a bold step, by merging with a bright, fresh and dynamic event company and have decided to take their name – Red Hot Events. So what does this mean for Chameleon Indabas? Apart from the great name change, we are now able to position ourselves as a one-stop event company. Our clients will still receive the service excellence they have come to expect over the past 12 years from Chameleon Indabas, and will now also benefit from the more extensive, hands-on services that Red Hot Events brings to the party. Our full complement of services now includes: event management, conferences, catering, decorating and styling, equipment hiring and entertainment. We have the chefs, decorators, stylists and entertainers at our fingertips, a warehouse full of fantastic décor items and abundant energy. As true chameleons, we believe we’re changing for the better and trust that you too, will soon experience the benefits.

T : +27 (0) 21 510 0547
F : +27 (0) 21 086 682 1534
W: www.redhotevents.co.za
E : team@redhotevents.co.za